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  • schoolsupplies
    Effects of Back to School Sales on Holiday Shopping Season Posted on September 23rd, 2014 by Craig Lowell

    The world of eCommerce is a never-ending string of challenges that must be met. As soon as one major sale is over, online retailers are already looking ahead to the next one. And from a DevOps perspective, that means making sure that the site can handle the next traffic surge by learning from the lessons […]

  • Adaptive Responsive header
    Adaptive vs. Responsive Web Design: Quantifying the Difference on Mobile Posted on July 16th, 2014 by Robert Castley

    Much has been written recently about Adaptive Web Design (AWD) vs. Responsive Web Design (RWD), with pros and cons of both being highlighted. For those new to these methodologies, here is a short summary of both approaches: Adaptive Web Design Responsive Web Design Server or Client-side to detect the device CSS ‘media queries’ to detect […]

  • BlackFriday2013
    Black Friday & Cyber Monday – 2013 – The results are in! Posted on November 29th, 2013 by Mehdi Daoudi

    This article is work in progress as we collect more data. Keep checking. Date: November 28 2013 from 00:00 EDT to November 29 2013 23:59:00  EDT Desktop Web We monitored the web performance of the IR50 websites (Excluding Grainger, McMaster-Carr and Symantec ) from our US Backbone Nodes using Internet Explorer browser. The goal was to compare the […]

  • london
    Catchpoint Nodes Take Over London Posted on April 16th, 2013 by Mehdi Daoudi

    This week Catchpoint launched 6 new nodes in London, which are connected to 6 consumer ISPs: British Telecom, O2, Virgin Media, TalkTalk, Orange, and Sky. The connections range from ADSL2 to Cable. This deployment brings our coverage in the United Kingdom to 11 nodes (5 Backbones nodes and 6 Last Mile nodes). I wanted to […]

  • Black Friday & Cyber Monday – 2012 – The results are in! Posted on November 27th, 2012 by Mehdi Daoudi

      According to IBM, Black Friday 2012 sales increased by 20%, Cyber Monday by 30% from last year. We monitored the web performance of 70 website (Excluding Netflix, Blockbuster, 1800 Flowers, Scholastic, and Redcats USA ) from our US Nodes using Internet Explorer 8 browser. The goal was to compare the performance of the sites and to see […]

  • Holiday Shopping 2012, Single Point of Slowness. Posted on November 25th, 2012 by Mehdi Daoudi

    The majority of the top retail websites performed very well on Black Friday weekend. Congratulations to all of you, engineers, operations, devops, performance engineers, network engineers and everyone else involved! Based on talks I had with various retail customers these past weeks, I knew most web sites would do well as everyone was well prepared. […]

  • Holiday Shopping 2012, State of Web Performance Posted on November 15th, 2012 by Mehdi Daoudi

    The biggest online shopping season to date is about to start next week. It is one of the most important events for a retailer and probably the most stressful period for their IT operations. It is also the time where web performance speed and availability might decide where the money flows to. As a result […]

  • Holiday Shopping 2012: Checklist to Fast Sites Posted on October 23rd, 2012 by Mehdi Daoudi

      We are exactly a month away from the start of the busiest time of year for the Ecommerce industry and there is the great possibility that in 2012 more money will be processed via “online” cash registers than in 2011. According to Internet Retailer, Online holiday sales will increase 12% this year to $92-96 billion. […]

  • How Hot is Your Web Performance? Posted on July 16th, 2012 by Mehdi Daoudi

    I have always been very impressed by people who can: Extract Information from Data and turn it into Knowledge. In my day-to-day job there are 3 people who inspire me with either their vision, doing or both. – John Rauser at Amazon, as I said before, this guy is pure awesomeness (99th percentile awesome) An inspiration to […]

  • How to Test & Benchmark CDNs? Posted on July 11th, 2012 by Mehdi Daoudi

      I recently came across a very interesting post about CDN testing by Jonathan Klein, someone I respect tremendously in the Web Performance world. During his tests with Webpagetest he was unable to “see” the value provided by the CDN on his site. I wanted to follow-up on his blog and share some of the […]

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